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@6:41pm on 13 Sep9+
not AC;  feeling like my mayor in this shirt;  now if only i was hot too;  delete later;  
Anonymous typed:
mayortea seduced me at the pizzeria

whoa there

@3:14pm on 7 Sep15+
waht does it mean;  is someone getting me pizza;  cause i'm legit starving rn;  reveal urself pizza anon;  send piza pls;  


…i was really bored. and there were a lot more mayors i wanted to pixelate but i’m saving that for when i’m bored again lol (over 20 mayors eughhgghgh)

[if ya want your pixel just send me an ask and i’ll cut you outta the batch lol]

@7:14am on 31 Aug260+
!!!;  WHAT OMG;  IT ME;  LOOK AT ALL THESE KAWAII LIL MAYORS;  A+ TED ME BOY;  very thank u;  best thing to wake up to;  reblog;  
Anonymous typed:
Wait, What is the app called for making icons? Like the ones you have

I’m guessing you mean these ones?

the app is called FaceQ

@11:08pm on 29 Aug2+
if u mean something else idk??;  norman;  asks;  
Anonymous typed:
wow your ac town is so gorgeous!!!! i was thinking of resetting, but i literally just reset and i'm kind of happy with my town and you've actually given me the confirmation that i won't reset but i'll work really hard to make my town pretty too!!!!!!!

wahhh that’s great to hear, anon. you can make anything work if u try hard enough. with some time and patients i’m sure you’ll have one of the swaggiest towns around some day.

@8:33pm on 28 Aug3+
also reminded me i need to update dream address soon;  also also whoa ppl actually visit my dream address????;  very cool;  asks;  norman;  


@1:15pm on 25 Aug15+
acnl;  i hate this game;  

i wouldn’t have it any other way

@11:36pm on 24 Aug1+
yanichiiii;  never let hotlegs hamster die;  reply post;  

if you have a smartphone and like icon generator things u should check out FaceQ

@10:47pm on 24 Aug17+
not ac;  but omg;  this app is pretty swag;  got lots of facial expressions and shit;  i thiiink it might only be for iphones;  ?????;  idk;  
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