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…i was really bored. and there were a lot more mayors i wanted to pixelate but i’m saving that for when i’m bored again lol (over 20 mayors eughhgghgh)

[if ya want your pixel just send me an ask and i’ll cut you outta the batch lol]

@7:14am on 31 Aug228+
!!!;  WHAT OMG;  IT ME;  LOOK AT ALL THESE KAWAII LIL MAYORS;  A+ TED ME BOY;  very thank u;  best thing to wake up to;  reblog;  
Anonymous typed:
Wait, What is the app called for making icons? Like the ones you have

I’m guessing you mean these ones?

the app is called FaceQ

@11:08pm on 29 Aug1+
if u mean something else idk??;  norman;  asks;  
Anonymous typed:
wow your ac town is so gorgeous!!!! i was thinking of resetting, but i literally just reset and i'm kind of happy with my town and you've actually given me the confirmation that i won't reset but i'll work really hard to make my town pretty too!!!!!!!

wahhh that’s great to hear, anon. you can make anything work if u try hard enough. with some time and patients i’m sure you’ll have one of the swaggiest towns around some day.

@8:33pm on 28 Aug3+
also reminded me i need to update dream address soon;  also also whoa ppl actually visit my dream address????;  very cool;  asks;  norman;  


@1:15pm on 25 Aug14+
acnl;  i hate this game;  

i wouldn’t have it any other way

@11:36pm on 24 Aug1+
yanichiiii;  never let hotlegs hamster die;  reply post;  

if you have a smartphone and like icon generator things u should check out FaceQ

@10:47pm on 24 Aug16+
not ac;  but omg;  this app is pretty swag;  got lots of facial expressions and shit;  i thiiink it might only be for iphones;  ?????;  idk;  


Yyyyooooooo, I need money for numerous legitimate reasons and several not-so-legitimate reasons. Nevertheless, I’m opening commissions. 

Pay anywhere from $3-infinity to get a RANDOM STYLE DONE FOR YOUR REQUEST. Will do OCs/fanart/character design. If you’re not sure about something, you can send me an email.

It’s like normal commission but you don’t get to choose the style. Just send me a reference and a price you are willing to pay and I will draw according to the price. Higher prices = more details and more elaborate artwork. You can get anywhere from a sketchy chibi to a painted waist-up and a virtual handshake. 

I will take payment up front if I accept your order. 

Please send orders/questions to payc2oh@gmail.com titled:
GRABBAG $(how much u willing to pay here)

Note: that is not my paypal email. I will give you the paypal address once I’ve accepted your order.

When ordering from me, you agree to give me full artistic freedom. (I will fix details if they are incorrect, though.)

For reference of previous pricing, refer to http://c2oh.tumblr.com/rlc
For more samples, refer to http://c2oh.tumblr.com/tagged/imgart

Thank you very much.

@9:08pm on 24 Aug235+
beepbeeepbep;  homie needs that cash;  pls consider;  reblog;  

yanichiiii replied to your post: yanichiiii replied to your post: augus…

/mails u a tarantula

what a tru friend

@8:41pm on 23 Aug
yanichiiii;  good lord i woudl scream tho;  reply post;  
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